At Square Peg Tutoring  we offer academic support that also nourishes all elements of a child's development.

We guarantee to not only help your child regain their motivation, self esteem and love of learning but also to improve their academic performance! 

Evidence-based programs are used to improve literacy skills and emotional well-being. 

Come and join a community of kids that are learning to love who they are! 

Why ‘Square Peg’ ?


A ‘Square Peg’ kid is one who doesn't quite fit the mainstream model of schooling.

Square Pegs have a lot to offer but their strengths might go unrecognised in a mainstream model of schooling...

Our goal is to help the Square Peg in your life harness their power and use it to succeed! 

A 'Square Peg' :

  1. May have interests that lie OUTSIDE the KLA's taught at school. 
  2. They may have a diagnosis- dyslexia, reading disability, ASD, intellectual delay etc.
  3. They may have amazing ideas and imagination but when it comes to getting it down on paper- they freeze.
  4. They may feel like there is 'something wrong' with them.
  5. School is rarely an enjoyable experience

Some examples of Square Pegs are Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Kiera Knightley, Bill Gates and Agatha Christie!  

Make your differences your strengths...

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