My Square Pegs call me Bec.

I have been working in the mainstream school system for nearly 10 years now... in both primary and high schools- teaching and counselling.

I have a bachelors degree majoring in Psychology and continued onto post graduate study in psychology. I  also have post graduate qualifications in both Education and School Counselling. I use evidence-based literacy programs in my practice. 

School counselling was a tough gig! One of my jobs was to assess students for learning difficulties.

Here are the lessons I learnt in my time as a school counsellor:

  1. The kids I assessed all had strengths! They just weren't always in the areas my assessment targeted..
  2. Asking kids why they had been sent to me yielded tell-tale answers about their perception of themselves...The most common answer by far was -  "To find out whats wrong with me"  
  3. A diagnosis is only a small part of the solution
  4. Most kids see failure as a direct reflection on themselves
  5. Teachers and parents saw the best academic progress when therapy was combined with learning support and intervention. 

I empower children to not only achieve success but to start embracing the journey and their mistakes- after all- F.A.I.L is First Attempt In Learning! 

My aim is create a community of 'Square Pegs'- kids who feel they don't quite 'fit' but LOVE their differences!