Have you ever googled yourself?

Come on.. we’re all friends here. 

Most likely your search only returned results depicting your namesake as a talented lacrosse player from New Jersey, a librarian rallying for more vegetarian cook books and a sci-fi movie director- or was that just my name?

The thing about Google is- ask and you shall receive. Even the most ridiculous question seems to be top of the automated search results- Type in “why is…” and “why is water important?” will autofill… Umm duh!?

Stay with me- where am I going with the wonders of the Google? 

Our brain also acts as a search engine for information… 

It WILL find you answers depending on what you ask it.That is its job- to retrieve and supply you with the information you require when you need it.

Think about Googles search function like your thoughts. If you want the answer to ‘Who is Banjo Paterson?’ you google that question… right? 

Similarly, our thoughts and decisions are a series of questions…  Do I have time to hang out with friends and finish my assignment? Will I ever be famous? What’s wrong with me? Why is that guy staring at me? 

Your brains job is to find an answer. 

Heres where it gets interesting. The answer your brains gives you will depend on the question! If you are asking unhelpful questions then you will receive unproductive answers. But what if you ask helpful questions? 

Lets experiment. 

Have you ever asked yourself a ‘Why me?’ question? Why do I always fail? Why cant I lose weight? Why don't I fit in? 

Remember- your brain will find an answer and in all of the cases mentioned above- the answer is going to be unhelpful. Your brain might decide ‘you’re lazy’ or ‘you’re boring’ or ‘you’re ugly’. 

An unhelpful question/answer thought might leave you feeling helpless, worthless or miserable. 

What if we ditched the ‘Why me’s?’ and replaced them with helpful questions. 

What answers would your brain return if you searched:

‘What am I willing to do to succeed?’ 

‘When can I make time to exercise today?’ 

or ‘How can I improve my social life?’

The shift in power is palpable!  When you ask a helpful question your brain will give you an answer that reminds you - YOU are in charge of the outcome and YOU can take steps to achieve your goals!

Did your parents ever tell you ‘ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer?’ Well maybe… they were right. When you find yourself asking a ‘Why me’ question… Stop. Breathe. And change it up.

Take it from ‘Why am I the only one who cant go to the party?’ to ‘What behaviours will show my parents I am trustworthy?’ 

‘Why cant I read as easily as others?’ to ‘What comes easily to me that seems harder for others?’ 

Your thoughts are incredible things- they can leave you feeling empowered and unstoppable or pathetic and weird. 

For those of you I can hear saying, ‘But I am pathetic and weird!’ - If I asked you to think a brick wall was soft and take a running jump into it… tell me how it would end. Bloody nose? Broken arm? 

Just because you thought the wall was soft- didn't mean it was… Our thoughts aren't necessarily the truth. 

So next time you feel powerless, miserable or helpless. Stop and ask yourself: What am I Googling?