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Growth mindset stickers

This set of 32 features 8 different sticker designs. They are all created to support a 'growth-based' mindset in your educational setting or clinic. They come with a 'how to use' pamphlet discussing practical ways you can implement process based feedback into your dialogue! They are available in glossy vinyl or paper in a variety of sizes. More options on contact page. 



Dyslexia is sexier bumper sticker 

For the cheeky dyslexic in your life... 

Available in any size paper or vinyl. Variety of colours. More options on contact page.

Creative Successful Dyslexic.

A book containing 23 Square Pegs.

Great for children and parents to read together.
A reminder that dyslexia gives you a perspective that others don't have- this is your edge!

Dyslexic people talk about how they were able to overcome their challenges and use the special strengths of dyslexia to achieve great success in adulthood.

To purchase the book click this link below.


The Whole Brainchild.

Available in the Square Peg library to borrow at your leisure.
I recommend this to parents of Square Pegs to give them different strategies to handle things like school refusal, helplessness when reading and the general frustration that comes with being a Square Peg! 

Daniel Siegel will help you re-frame your thoughts about your child's behaviours. This will give you the power to handle them confidently and kindly.
Connection and acknowledgement is the goal at homework time...

To purchase the book click this link below



Available in the Square Peg library to borrow at your leisure.

Does your child have a growth or fixed mindset when it comes to education?

What about you?

Find out why it matters... in fact.. find out not only why it matters- but why it matters more than IQ. 

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