Learning that fits 

Are you unsure of how best to support your struggling child?

You're unsure of where your money, time and energy would be best spent...

Dedicating resources to boosting your child's resilience, emotional well-being and self-esteem or  helping them to read them more fluently and spell words correctly more of the time? 

Square Peg combines emotional and psychological support and academic support to give your child a holistic boost delivered by a qualified teacher and counsellor.

Square Peg can also provide resources for you- as a parent- to support a ‘square peg’ child in the mainstream school system.

Here at Square Peg Tutoring - We are creating a community of kids that LOVE their differences and know how to use them to learn and succeed! 

Square Pegs Mission

To ensure all the 'Square Pegs' see their differences as strengths!

— Jacob Barnett- Published astrophysics researcher at 13 yrs old

What Square pegs have Achieved

- Incredible results on speaking assessments

-Standing up for someone on the playground.

-Correctly spelling difficult words using new skills!

- Re-framing a thought from 'Its too hard' to 'This is really making me think!'

-Confidently writing a short story and sharing it with the class.  

Its difficult its worth it.png