Workshops for caregivers: 


This workshop is for caregivers who are at a loss on how to best support their  child who is struggling. We look at how to help shift your and your child's mindset to that of growth and empowerment!


This ones for caregivers who come home from work ready to relax and find themselves engaged in the homework battle... Take the 'work' out of homework. This workshop looks at creating accountability, acknowledging struggle and establishing new thoughts patterns for everyone involved!


Workshops for kids.

All workshops are suitable for school age children (primary and high). Workshops will be divided into age groups.

Creative writing 

This hour long creative writing workshop is geared for children who think a little differently!! 
Its the first of many workshops offered by Square Peg.
This workshop will focus on character development!
Your child will learn to develop a character using 'Show dont tell' strategies that will engage ANY reader. I use an explicit and holistic approach to ensure all children succeed!
I understand that many 'square pegs' find it hard to get their thoughts down on paper... 
They may be brimming with ideas and imagination - though when they write down their thoughts- they feel disappointed. I will help them navigate the creative process by giving them direction and scaffolding while allowing them to bring their own creative spark!
I facilitate a comfortable learning environment where no-one feels anxious about sharing ideas. I allow kids to use their unique perspectives to express themselves- so even though it is a creative writing workshop- your child might choose to share their ideas aloud or in pictures.

All children receive take-home resources so they can build upon the skills they learn throughout the workshop.

incredible you

Incredible You celebrates the differences between us. The goal of this workshop is to empower Square Pegs to recognise their differences as strengths! They will leave inspired to use their unique perspective to problem-solve and succeed. This is a great supplement to the one-on-one empowerment sessions or a fun one off for a young person needing a self-esteem boost. 



X-pression is something a little different - best suited to my older Square Pegs- it involves developing coping and self-expression strategies for those of us who find it hard to put our feelings into words.

It is primarily a visual based workshop run by myself and Barefoot and Bearded (a professional photographer). It is designed to give attendees the skills to express themselves through visual mediums. We cover topics such as why self expression is important, art as a coping strategy and how to release frustration in a healthy way.

X-pression is only run by request. 

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